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The Latest Roundup


Roseans NFT Project

Rosey-Capital launches Roseans. An NFT project that consists of a fixed set of 40 items. Roseans bring investors closer to #roseycapital. Applications will be reviewed by our team. 


Bloom8 Partnership 

The types of entrepreneurs we seek to be part of our community are bold, courageous and bring solutions to a world that has become more challenging due to issues concerning food shortages, sustainable practices, ethics, and ecology. They have a “we’re all in this together” mentality rather than an “it’s me against the world” mentality. 

JP Morgan Partnership

Part of business cultivation is ensuring that a venture is granted access to expansion capital. Rosey-Capital places businesses in better positions to access expansion capital. We assist innovative technologies with upleveling to world-class companies of scale. The portfolio we’ve put together includes businesses working in areas with maximum growth potential. 

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