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Rosey Capital

Where we back exceptional private ventures, who recognize the immense challenges posed by how we live on our planet.

About Us

Headquartered just outside Boston, Massachusetts, Rosey Capital is a global equity firm with a sustainable investment strategy. We invest in ambitious management teams and entrepreneurs that share our vision to bridge the gap between the prosperity of our ever-growing population and plight of environmental distress. Through our international platform and team members in US, UK Monaco, and Brazil, we catalyse the global expansion of our portfolio companies. We are looking for founders with the passion and dedication to scale and exploit the major growth opportunity in the most exciting emergent sector of technology: Sustainable Foods.

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Our Portfolio

Our Companies

Our team has successfully invested in and backed tech companies at all growth stages. We continue to make waves in the finance and investment industry while fostering real world change. That progress begins with supporting companies focusing on renewable energy, supply chain optimization, and the preservation of our planet.


Future Farm

Future Farm, is a Brazilian plant-based foods company that was founded in 2019 with the mission to leverage novel ingredients technology and rapid iteration to create consumer-lovable products.




The Every Company

Every is a microbial fermentation platform, recreating the egg outside the chicken. The company is also able to synthesize pure proteins that are found in the egg.



Screen Shot 2022-11-04 at 12.27.23 PM.png


Remilk is a precision fermentation company that modifies yeast microorganisms to synthesize the proteins found in cow’s milk, primarily whey and casein.



Cadre is an online marketplace that connects investors provides a sophisticated technology for managing their interest on the secondary marketplace thereby introducing liquidityinto an antiquated industry

Stord offers fulfillment, warehousing, and freight for B2C and B2B, plus the integrated software that is needed to orchestrate and optimize the entire supply chain.

Corsair Gaming is a high-quality, performance-driven gaming company that has pioneered the software and hardware space, while developing a strong credibility and loyal fan base. 

Our Team

Our team is comprised of dynamic individuals dedicated to enacting change on a global level through the power of investment. 

The team’s expertise is derived from the gamut of different backgrounds and academic institutions. The sector expertise that our collective team members posses paired with our unmatched network continue to enhance the overall quality of life and preservation of our planet.


If you have a business and vision for positive change that can enhance your local community or the world at large do contact us.

+1 (978) 525-8600

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